Here, I will mention individuals I find worthy of mention. I may explain, I may not...and I will try to provide a link to an image of them or information about them, or to their blog or website if they have one. If I post photos they will be borrowed from other sites, and my intention is NOT to infringe on any copyrights (anyone with an issue simply send me a note and I will remove the pic in question)...Anyway, I will start with someone I have just always loved. This will be random and in no particular order. Hope you enjoy!


This guy is like my brother from another mother. My boys have both been watching him since they were babies, and he got my husband interested in cooking. I LOVE Jamie and all he is doing. This is a guy who has, at a young age, devoted his early fame and considerable fortunes (I suspect the guy isn't rolling in it, he's far too devoted to his causes to be keeping much for himself) to improving school cafeteria food, providing training and employment for at-risk youth in his Fifteen restaurants, showing the general public how to cook real food and enjoy it on his tv shows AND started a Food Revolution in an attempt to attack the obesity epidemic affecting today's kids. ALL INTERNATIONALLY. What's not to love? If you haven't found a way to support him yet, do. He's trying to branch out everywhere. He makes it easy for you to contribute or find out more about his various ventures at . (Photo to the left respectfully borrowed from . If I have infringed upon any copyright by doing this please inform me and I will remove it immediately).

I very seriously hope to get an invitation to this man and his family to come and stay at the Bed and Breakfast my husband and will open in a year or so. I will be growing as much of our food as possible and treating guests to local ingredients prepared with simplicity and love. We hope to put an outdoor BBQ (similar looking to a brick pizza oven) in our garden with an eating area, strung lights and lanterns, and so on. I can't wait to try some of the outdoor cooking rigs he's shown on his shows - I love that he uses old pans & racks rescued from thrift shops and such.

This is a pipe dream, perhaps, having the very busy Mr. Oliver come to spend time at our place, BUT...It's going to be such a special place - in part inspired by the lifestyle and cooking he celebrates and demonstrates - I will babysit his FOUR KIDS (!) for free, and he and his family will have guaranteed privacy to the degree that they wish it. I am not insane, nor are my husband and two little boys (although, being two boys, they can be, well, boys). I plan to really celebrate local food culture and also to invite the authors of "The 100 Mile Diet" to join us in the same way.

I'm thinking after watching him introduce vegetables to kids who ACTUALLY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE (seriously, like guessing that cauliflower was broccoli and that sort of thing) that I will have to do garden tours with my boys' classes when they start elementary school. I will take them through the garden, have them pick some things, and then show them how to make something delicious with it all.

Our PVR has been broken for a good six months or more, so I no longer have a backlog of his shows to watch while I cook up a storm. We haven't bothered to fix it because we're building our home (and yes, the brand new, beautiful bed & breakfast) and hope to be in around September with a new household automation system that will let us watch any & all of his shows whenever we want!

What else to say about Mr. Oliver? Nothing really, except that being as busy as he is, I hope he still gets to spend a lot of time with his family. We love ya Jamie! Please plan to come and see us at Sparrow Hill in Victoria, BC with your gorgeous brood in a year or two. You will be able to relax and enjoy a peaceful, anonymous vacation!


Okay, I dare ANYONE to tell me this is not an actress worth celebrating. I don't know the woman personally but I'm betting she's at least a whole truckload of fun to be around. With that much personality I wouldn't put it past her to be a little unpredictable or moody (as artists often are), but I love her, and I'm certainly not about to throw stones in that regard (exhibit A: Sam during PMS)...

A little known fact (at least in my experience) is that this firecracker is Gena Rowland's daughter. This explains her ease in front of a camera. I love her in everything I see her in, but my all-time favourite has to be her role in Dazed and Confused as the high school senior who leads the hazing of the freshman girls. 
"Alright, you little freshman bitches! Air raid!!!!!!" "What are you looking at? Wipe that face off your head, bitch!" ...and then later, after many drinks at the tailgate party in the woods..."Lick me! ALL OF YOU!!!"

It's not that I condone this kind of behaviour, and if I witnessed it in real life I would react accordingly (though it would be tempting to accept extra mustard and ketchup bottles if offered, ha ha)...No, it's the complete joy with which she celebrated the role of the "popular" girl (whom we all know is a real bitch if you get her at the wrong time). There is something about watching her in this that makes me feel better about all those moments I didn't speak up in the face of such creatures when I was young and timid and insecure...Her character is just so clearly a miserable wretch that it balances out the joy she takes in torturing others. 

Anyway, that's enough about Parker. Watch her if you don't believe me. She's awesome.