Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's a Beautiful Life, This Crazy Life

Good morning readers! How are the four of you today? Ha. If you're even still there. I have been a terrible, terrible blogstress this summer. It's been hard to know what to write about with so much going on. I will try to summarize the goings on without boring you all.

Went to the market in Sidney the other night with a girlfriend (we left the kids home with their Dads). It was amazing! I had no idea it was so huge. I actually bought a dress which I love so much...I seriously almost started to salivate when I saw the fabric. This is what Tim would refer to as "very Sammish." The girl selling the dresses designs them and then has them made. Tons of great fabrics! . These ADORABLE earrings are so sweet I want to swear about it, but I won't do that here. They're from a gal who makes great stuff. Check her out at .

We have met with another designer friend of Tim's, Ivan Meade, and his colleague, Echo Eaton, of The Meade Group in Victoria. Definitely check out their blog and website at . They have interviewed a plethora of amazing designers, as you will see, including our friend, the late and great Bruce Wilson. It's a comfort to me that Ivan worked with Bruce on several projects. I think he will keep in mind, as he helps us with the interiors, what Bruce envisioned for our space. Certainly Ivan is an artist in his own right, as you will see when you visit his site.

The colour palate has evolved a bit in the kitchen. Because we have re-purposed interior doors with a bit of a red tint to the stain (don't love it but it's more cost effective to leave them than to strip and re-stain them), and hardwood floors in a medium oak tone in the area surrounding the kitchen (above), the original plan to go with a walnut in the kitchen was posing a problem. It would have just looked like too many woods when you include the dark brown stain on our rafters. So Ivan ended up making the same suggestion Bruce had, which was to go with a bit of a faded or washed out oak (if you've looked at any of the Restoration Hardware catalogues lately, you can probably picture the look I'm talking about). I resisted the idea when Bruce brought it up because it seemed like such a departure from what I had pictured. But it does seem to be the best solution. The floors have arrived and are in their boxes waiting to be installed (picture at top left). I am also leaning more toward an old-style inset drawer pull than the long thin handles I originally thought I wanted. Something like what I've shown above. I actually quite like the tarnished brass look...but it seems kind of crazy to be planning a kitchen in oak and brass - conjures up terrible images of kitchens from the 80's! That is NOT where we're going with this, not at all. The cabinet fronts will be very sleek too, with little millwork. Of course, the new wood selection meant the original counters we chose weren't going to work. Ivan and Echo have suggested what you see in the picture just to the left, above, for the other finishes. Clockwise, from top left: Backsplash, Floor tile with grout suggestion (I want it darker to mask grease and drips/stains), paint colour, and granite counters. It's all pretty mellow and I am even a little nervous it's all just going to look beige. We're doing a herringbone floor with the tiles which I am thrilled about (similar to shown, but with a darker grout). And, ironically, Bruce had presented us with the exact same back splash tile from the start. So you can see, things are coming along. I am trying to just have faith that my very existence in this kitchen will fill it with colour...I cannot have a blah, bland, beige home...I will be putting in a found table/butcher block base (have to start shopping for that) which I can make any colour I want, and my pottery, glassware and china collections are pretty colourful as well. I will find a way to add some with the lighting too, if I have my way.

That's pretty much the update for the house. First coats are on the walls and cabinetry/millwork should start to go in in the next few weeks. And now, I am simply going to barrage you with a selection of images I have shown to Ivan and Echo to give them an idea of who is going to inhabit the space; namely yours truly, crazy old moi. Enjoy - I consider this a lovely mess of eye candy. I will not source these photos as the ones with sources have been shown here and credited before. It's a beautiful life, this crazy life!

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