Friday, July 8, 2011

Life Goes On

With Bruce's passing (see my last post: My Friend Bruce) it's been hard to think about blogging blissfully away about the continuing development of the house and the choices we're starting to make about decor - the fun stuff. But the truth is, and Bruce's friends would agree, I think, that he would not want his choice to be a dark cloud over our new home. In fact, if there is a life after death (which is a whole different post), he's probably "up there" somewhere wondering why we're not cracking a bottle of bubbly with every decision made.

I still feel sad every time I spot one of my House & Home magazines, which I have poured over and given him clippings from throughout the architecture and design process until now (Bruce was actually sited in the 2009 H and H list of Canada's Top 100 Designers). Even in my Jazzercise classes, I'll be doing fine and then one of the songs will trigger my sadness that he's gone (you try crying and doing aerobics at the same time. How to feel like a tool 101). We were only friends for a year or so, but I felt especially close to him the last few times we got together. I had just programmed his number into my cell phone. I knew he would be over for family dinners and had visions of him designing a hair salon for my sister one day. I could tell he wanted to talk more. I wish I had had more time with him. I guess we all do.

At any rate, the process does continue with our home and Tim and I will wonder with every decision whether  Bruce would like what we've chosen. At our recent meeting with our carpenter and draftperson - both friends and colleagues of Bruce's - we each lit a candle for him before we started. I joked that if any of the plans or drawings caught fire that it would be Bruce telling us it sucked. He was never one to mince words! We will try to honour him at every turn, knowing of course that he wanted us to enjoy our home and make our own choices. I have plans to include him on our family & friends picture wall and will probably do a small plaque for him on the property somewhere.

"Golden Ray" granite: kitchen counters
grey slate kitchen floors
At the moment we are seeing nice progress. The garage doors are on both the main house and the outbuilding. The siding will soon be complete. Drywall is almost done and the painters have begun. I can't wait to see the wall colours done. In a couple of weeks floors will go in and then the landscaping and railings on the deck will start to move forward. Then the really exciting stuff will start to happen. I AM DYING TO SEE MY KITCHEN COME TOGETHER! (Slate floor pic sourced at The cabinets will be in a cherry colour similar to the picture on left ( The range will be a Viking 48 inch in stone grey, similar to the one shown ( Finally, I will include a pottery barn pendant light I like( It might be the closest I can get to the bouy re-dos I want to create.

Bruce added a final detail over the bar counter that he hadn't talked to me about before he went, and when it came up at our meeting last week I quite liked it. I am keen to implement any of his final ideas into the remaining process, as long as my dear husband likes it too. His drawings were always full of genius detail and design. I plan to put them in an album at some point, with all the plans and clippings that helped us along the way.

Well, it's just after eight AM and my two year-old is crawling all over me while my four year-old takes over 30 minutes to eat his oatmeal. I am off to get the day started for them now. Including some pictures to give an idea of the kitchen concept, though I don't have all the samples yet, and my scanner is packed so I can't show you the actual plans. I will try to post soon as I figure out hardware & fixtures. Have a lovely Friday, folks.

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