Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spazzercise, Whee!

So, I've been doing Jazzercise classes for about four weeks now, three times per week over the last two. Along with alternate runs on my other three days, that's a persistent and consistent output effort every week. I am amazed to see that I've lost seven pounds in less than two weeks, and I am spastically in love with the Jazzercise classes. Seriously, I had no idea how repressed my inner dancer was, and I am so thrilled to have let her out that I don't give a hoot how ridiculous I look sweating and jiggling and messing up the footwork like a spazz in class. Vicki Waters is the powerhouse of this industry here on the island ( ) and what a fireball of positive energy! She IS tough, and very focused on everyone using proper form for each move. While some might not be so concerned with this, I find that, even having joined mostly to have fun, her suggestions make a massive difference to my workout - I can usually feel the corrections locally and immadiately - and by the end of my hour there I am dripping with sweat and I've worked muscle groups I forgot I had.

I try to be a good role model, but it's a good thing I don't have daughters because I am really not comfortable in my own skin. I will get there and have come a long way, but like most women, I have issues. I put weight on in my early twenties after being naturally slender before that (thyroid kicked down, junk food and party habits kicked up) and I am still trying to forgive myself for changes I could only really prevent in retrospect (if I knew then what I know now, blah blah blah)...I have been fighting the good fight since then, absorbing information but never really facing my issues somehow...and I am at a point with it all over a decade later where I have the info and it's time to get 'er done. The info is this: I am tall, and I carry extra weight relatively subtly. I am slow to metabolize, I love to cook and eat and drink. I am learning to love working out too, and the nicest part of this is that it isn't just because I have to. Exercise has proven to be the best antidepressant for me over the years. It makes a huge difference in how I feel mentally, physically, and motivationally. I kid you not, for me it's a much better solution than prozac! Or paxil, which is an evil, evil little pill a careless doctor put me on years ago. What a mess I was! But I digress (and I also am not saying the right medication isn't helpful for some people...merely that I suggest exercise as a first approach. My friend Krista commented that I seem noticeably happier since I started my Jazzercise and running regime). On the cooking end I am using my knowledge to cook great food with lots of flavour. Will be posting more recipes soon.

So anyway, while I am trying to be kinder to myself and have PATIENCE with my physical state while I make changes slowly and steadily, I am seriously so enjoying having the dance element in my life again (I danced in junior high) that I am choosing to ignore the worries that I look like a chubby fool and just dancing my ass off! Literally.

In other news, we met with Bruce (Wilson, our designer, love him: last Tuesday to do our first actual shopping trip, which was exhausting and so FUN! The focus was tile and carpet and we brought home a slew of exciting samples. I don't have a picture of the marble slab we chose for our kitchen counters, but it is so has these magical veins of gray quartz running through it. Some of the samples in the photo won't make the final cut...the kitchen floor tiles are yet to be determined but the direction will be something like this: I also quite like the carpet I picked out for the guest suite and bedrooms.

We also had our realtor come by this week as a preliminary to listing the house for sale - May 1st isn't far off so we have some work to do. Nooks and crannies, de-cluttering and deep cleaning. I think I will start to pack away all of my little chotchkes and nick-nacks, so they will be all ready for their new homes when we move into our forever home. Depending on when this place sells, that may not be too far off! Here are the latest photos of the new place. Only got the upper floor this time as little Noah was anxious to get to the park.
front door
outbuilding, showing the stained cedar siding we're putting up on both buildings, from front boys' room

front hall, laundry on right, powder room and closet to left

Great room, from L to R kitchen, dining, living

view of kitchen and pantry door from living room

Looking back at front hallway from living area
hallway leading from living room on L/stairwell on R to boys' rooms

looking at stairwell and through to laundry/studio from dining area

One of the two boys' rooms. This one overlooks the driveway & outbuilding (and lovely forest).

The second boys' room, overlooking the deck and lake. We'll have the kids share the other one while they're little so we can hang out on the deck without bothering them after bedtime.

Looking into the boys bathroom on our way back out to the great room.

Library. Located behind the kitchen, off the hallway to the master suite.
Griffin, watching our friend Jas drill rock in front of my art studio
Living room hearth wall from kitchen and dining areas, hallway to boys' rooms on far right.

Hallway from library, on left and kitchen, on right to master suite.

View into master bath and bedroom to the right.

View from master bedroom window. Hoping to put a hot tub up on the rock, overlooking the lake.

Master suite from pool deck

Great room from pool deck

Our view!

Looking at the headboard/dividing wall in master suite

Boys' wing from pool deck

Looking up at the house from ground level, outside the garage. The property will terrace up to the front door.

Hopefully my little photo tour isn't too confusing...I can't seem to get them to load in the order of the walk-through we did! At any rate, it's moving forward fast now.

Not much else to report except that I have been sporting a black eye for the last few days. My oldest, Griffin (he'll be four on the 30th!), decided to stand up at the exact same moment I bent down to grab his truck (with which he was making a horrible racket while I tried to talk with the sitter)...he completely, positively BRAINED me and my eye has been a variety of changing shades of green and purple since then. Serves me right for trying to take his truck, I suppose...Voila, c'est moi.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I managed to lose four pounds this week. Just made the workouts happen every day (Monday thru Saturday - today I ran 6K with 75 lbs of kids in a double stroller) and was too busy to really fall off track with the food...I am proud of myself though because I made the choices that got me here (no popcorn at the theatre on Thursday, smaller portions of everything and so on). Didn't go hungry and I've started Jazzercise classes for the first time in about a decade. I LOVE them. I am kind of a closet dancer (yes, I'm the dorky mom who dances around with a duster while her kids sleep). Since I'm confessing I might as well also let you know that I love horrible pop music countdowns and things like that...When it comes to the tailgate parties I am all about throwing on a little hard rock but for exercise and dancing I love the fluffy stuff!

This morning I took the kids out for my run as hubby took a day to go dirtbiking with a few buddies. We heard a rooster's cry while on the trail, to which my oldest (he's almost four) replied "F!*#-A-DOO!" Mortified, I replied sharply "C*#@!, Griffin! It's C*#@-A-DOODLE-DOO!" Sigh. Can't win sometimes.

Anyway, feeling food in general since I am moving and dancing and making decisions which should eventually help me achieve some fitness goals. I will be running the TC 10K here in Victoria on May 1st, so every week I will do one run a little longer. Really I could do it now, but my time wouldn't be great. Hopefully training for it will improve my time a little and give me a head start on losing the chub.
Met with our designer this week and next week we'll meet him to shop for carpet, flooring, tile, lighting and so on. It's getting exciting for me and I'm realizing I really want a subtle boathouse theme throughout the place. It's fairly big and well, great, so I want to tone it down with a casual feel. Rows of hooks for towels instead of bars, baskets full of flipflops, old family pictures everywhere, a dog I have to take for a swim in the lake with me when we go...I'm even pondering whether I could make an old canoe into a set of kids' beds for the boys' room...I don't want to get too themey, in general, but in their room we'll have a little fun. We'll make good base choices with colours and materials and then converting it into something more grown-up later won't involve much. Found this chandelier made out of recycled globes which I just LOVE but I have also thought about doing one whole wall with a world map mural. Griffin is drawing up a storm these days, including this lovely character who appeared on our wall this morning while I was in the loo: So I will probably incorporate a blackboard or some kind of drawing surface into the space as well. Also transparent containers on shelves to show their collections of things(might as well since my pantry will look like that anyway, and some sort of easily switch-outable art display for their favourite paintings or drawings. I hope it will reflect them but also provide them with new adventures when they want them.

Lighting for some reason is a focus for me. I just found a great site: . Love the entire Jamie Young pendant collection, and Worlds Away chandeliers (Venus, BoBo Intriguing Objects Egg Branch Chandelier)...just to name a few. And with that, my almost-four year-old is up from his nap. Til next time I am looking forward to a trip to the spa in the morning with my friend Heather! I hope I fall asleep while they massage me into a coma...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Too Many Balls!

In the air, I mean. Too many balls in the air. This is why you haven't heard from me for almost two weeks, though I think that's atrocious. We are just a little overwhelmed, as people get when they're raising children and building houses and trying to balance all the other stuff that life brings. Too many balls.
This will be a perfunctory entry just to keep the flow here...I have so much on my mind that I'm not sure I can write anything too cohesive anyway. First, I must include links to a couple of sites I love, and the pictures to lure you to them. This bookshelf wallpaper (left) has me absolutely salivating. It's ridiculously expensive and so would have to be used most selectively, but it just makes me so happy. My best friend thinks it would be great in a closet. I think it would depend on the closet, but that could definitely work. You could also line the back/insides of actual bookshelves with it, and then display non-book items on the shelves. That would look great in a little den or library (the latter of which would obviously need some additional book shelves for actual books)...
Then I found this map wallpaper. I have been thinking a lot about what to do for my boys' room - they are two and almost four and will be sharing one while little. I have lots of ideas and thought some classic old fabrics might excite me. I was right!  has some amazing stuff for kids. Found some kitschy florals (above, right) I like too but they would have to go in a guest room or something...maybe with the little horse I found at the flea market(also above, lower right). I don't collect horses, but I fell in love with this one. For $2 how could I refuse? But I digress. I don't even know how I'm going to get the lighting I want. There is so much out there and it seems overpriced considering I'm looking at pretty simple design in general. I will end up having to spend extra just to customize what we do choose, most likely. I can't WAIT to start posting pics of the interiors when they start to take shape. The house now has windows, doors and a roof and soon the siding will go up. Tomorrow the cement will be poured for our large pool deck and the floors inside. It's going to start to feel much closer to finished very quickly. Time to meet with our designer again to go over flooring, wall and lighting samples, and so on.
That is all for today...I am beat and need to get to sleep , if I can. I am such an insomniac I never know...

Signed up for the Times Colonist 10K on May 1st and joined Jazzercise for the first time in a decade. Fun!

But enough about me. How are YOU?