Sunday, April 25, 2010

Women are making art out there!

This weekend was unusually packed with creativity sitings for me. Saturday morning, we picked up the sitter and I headed into town to Birgit Piskor's annual plant sale (she's a close friend & neighbour of my stepmother)...which has now turned into more of an art sale with her astounding sculptural pieces. If you haven't seen these you should. They are pricey, but powerful. Then, today, my husband was up-island in a race so I packed up the kids and took them to the "What Women Want" Garden Party Event on King Street, and found some beautiful gifts. Aprons made with vintage fabric, handpainted wooden memory games and blocks for kids, not to mention the gorgeous silver, leather and textile-based jewellery of the brillant Jana Stevenson. I will be adding some links so you can check out some of the merchandise.
In short it was a treat to get out and see what creative people are doing with their time. I've had so many ideas over the years and so rarely have I managed to give them form! It's wonderful to see women out there, going for it, and doing well.